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Delite Garden specializes in the manufacturing and exports of garden structures. Greenhouses (Small to Professionnal polytunnels), Sheds (for bycicle, storage or even warehousing), Carports (single to multiple vehicles) and Shades. 

We deliver  our customers with strong and reliable garden structures, packaged as ready-to-market kits. Visit specific pages for more information about our greenhouses, carports and sheds. Feel free to contact us for more information about our manufacturing capability, product quality and warranty.  We also do OEM!

What Garden Structures do we manufacture and export?

We develop, make and export a large array of outdoor structures for professional and leisure use. But we mainly focus on steel frame structures for backyards and big gardens :

Greenhouses & Polytunnels

From mini-greenhouses to Professional polytunnels, our garden structures dedicated to growing can meet the needs of garden hobbyists as well as professionals. All our greenhouses are manufactured as per our own drawings with carefully selected tubing and greenhouse plastic. 

Outdoor Storage & Sheds

From bicycle sheds to wide span sheds, our garden structures range dedicated to storing can meet the needs of DYIers as well as professionals. All our sheds and outdoor storage structures are manufactured with durable material, cost-efficient coverings


Our carport range includes single carport, double carport, tandem carport, lean-to carport etc.. With a decade’s experience in carports, Delite Garden Supplies delivers easy-to-set-up kits that provide lasting performance to end users.  

Why buy garden structures in galvanized steel?

Galvanized Steel offers the best value for performance

Compared to aluminum, galvanized steel offers an extensive durability, but with added strength & durability. Since outdoor structures are usually anchored, they don’t need to be lightweight. Steel tubes of various sizes and thickness perform perfectly against harsh weather, and are available for less than aluminum profiles.  

Galvanized Steel lasts longer

Whether it is in a backyard, a field or a precast ground , a well-manufactured, well-anchored greenhouse or carport will be able to perform for years on end. Marine grade steel tubes are covered with a thick zinc coating to offer a durable experience to end users. 

Galvanized Steel outdoor structures need less maintenance overall

All our outdoor structures, are delivered as ready-to-assemble kits. They include all fasteners & coverings needed. In order to match the quality of our steel profiles, we apply the same demanding requirement to accessories, fasteners and covers. See our products for further information.

Why don't I know about Delite Garden greenhouses, sheds and carports?

For many years, Delite Garden was mostly focused on OEM manufacturing. That is, it serviced greenhouse importers, carport brands and shed resellers with manufacturing only.

Today, we stand strong with a full range of garden structures for all. We now stand behind our products, and actively research new ventures with daring and trustworthy partners abroad.

Our main objective remains to deliver great products, that last and participate to building strong brand recognition. This is why we are now amongst garden structure suppliers who offer a warranty period for our products. 


Best Materials


Serious about Gardening


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walk-in greenhouse manufacturing

Walk-in Greenhouse

mini greenhouse manufacturing

Mini Greenhouse

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