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greenhouse window

Greenhouse Window

When choosing a greenhouse, many growers will select a greenhouse structure with windows. A greenhouse window can not only bring natural ventilation, let more sunlight go through when needed, but also add attraction and convenience to the greenhouse construction. Although it is a very basic element of the steel structure,

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galvanized tube

Greenhouse Tube Manufacturing: Galvanizing

Galvanizing technology is very common in greenhouse tube manufacturing. It forms a zinc-iron alloy layer on the surface of steel tubes in zinc bath, thus creating a barrier between steel and atmosphere, preventing corrosion. Delite Garden polytunnel greenhouse series adopt high-quality stainless galvanized steel as the basic but most important

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polytunnel greenhouse

Differences between Greenhouse series

For hundreds of thousand years, human beings have been farming for food. When science and technology were undeveloped in the past, almost everyone would walk into the fields and mastered to grow different green plants by themselves. However, with the development of modern society, more and more people tend to

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