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lowers even during off-season periods. Polytunnel

destined for hobby growing and gardening. They take less

polytunnel allows grower to maintain a certa

Garden Supply Wholesaler

Delite Garden specializes in the production and export of garden products such as greenhouses, decking, fencing, outdoor furniture and spas. Since we are professional garden products supplier, we work tirelessly to create and renew ranges of affordable and durable garden supplies made in China. about Delite Garden

Garden Products Supplier

We aim to be your most dependable Chinese supplier! We care for our Clients as much as we care about ourselves. Similar to gardening, we are mindful of our Clients’ needs, environment and challenges. We root out misunderstandings, product defects and inefficiencies.

As a responsible garden products supplier, we cultivate a mindset similar to our Clients who buy from China. Delite Garden keeps informed on the market trends, innovations and products improvements. We give ourselves and our Clients the means to grow stronger and better.

Serious About

Further our understanding on
products & safety is a must

Efficient Is The
Way To Go

Time and cost efficiencies are
part of our top priorities

Responsible To Our

We believe in the power of
growing close with our clients

“Fair & square” with all our clients. We aim to empower our clients’ businesses with reliable products, and efficient service.

“Quality over Quantity” on all our products. We believe that being proactive in rooting out defects and potential safety issues is a must. Ongoing and lasting from Clients proves that we belong to the new area of good-quality “Made in China” suppliers.

Reconnect with nature” is our ultimate goal. In today’s age, cities lifestyles are taking a toll on both men & women and nature. This is why we, as a garden products supplier, enjoy providing the tools used to growing or gardening.

Driven by a strong will to balance modern life and harmony with nature, our founder sets up Delite Garden in 2016. With more than 10 years’ experience in the production & exports industry, she gathers a team of young and driven individuals.

After successfully starting selling wood composite and fencing items, Delite Garden branches out with an outdoor products range. Steadily, the company blooms into a thriving business. In 2018, the greenhouses and polytunnels range flourishes.

Today, Delite Garden is an accomplished garden products supplier. European and American business buy our greenhouses, wire mesh fences, WPC decking and outdoor furniture from China.

We are People of the World. We are the Delite Garden team. A team of seasoned professionals, with 10+ years’ experience in exports and manufacturing. We blend nationalities and personalities, and work as an eco-system that thrives under challenges.

Always pushing for evolution, our complementary set of skills translate in effortless communication. We overcome differences through natural adaptability and mind-openness.

The synergy created between Quality and Sales moves us towards better understanding the products. Furthermore, our tight relationship with our clients always motivates us to find new ways of improving products.

From raw materials to packaging, we have developped specific
processes to enforces quality controls to make sure that each of its products are safe and reliable.

Click the photos to see our manufacturing lines.

Latest news

lowers even during off-season periods. Polytunnel

destined for hobby growing and gardening. They take less

polytunnel allows grower to maintain a certa

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