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Garden Greenhouse Supplies

DELITE has been involved in development and manufacturing of residential and commercial greenhouses since its inception. As a result, Our garden greenhouse supplies range from the smallest greenhouse, for the amateur in his downtown flat, to the biggest polytunnels, for the semi-professional seeking higher yields and extended seasons.

Greenhouse Structures for residential & commercial application

Firstly, Polytunnel greenhouses are the sturdiest, most durable and most accomplished greenhouses of all. They mostly cater to semi-professional growers and serious hobbyist growers. What’s more, our polytunnel greenhouse range, or hoop house range, includes outdoor structures that can span up to 20M long, by 5M wide. Since polytunnels are the most sturdy of all our greenhouse supplies, they perform perfectly when it comes to extend seasons, and can protect crops from extreme weather. All in all, Delite Garden polytunnel greenhouses are adjustable and accommodate an array of options. Lastly, Delite Garden polytunnel greenhouse range comes in retail-ready kits.

Firstly, Walk-in greenhouses are the perfect middle way between our mini greenhouse and polytunnel greenhouse ranges. Besides, they offer excellent durability against the weather. Their shelving system allows for culture in pots or even hydroponic. Moreover, space management is not an issue as all our walk-in greenhouses, or known as backyard greenhouses, have enough clearance for users to stand upright. Versatile so that the backyard greenhouses can fitted indoors or outdoors. In a word, they are greatly appreciated by plant growers. Lastly, Delite Garden walk-in greenhouses come in retail-ready kits.

Firstly, mini greenhouses are very small greenhouses that can easily fit anywhere indoors and outdoors. Thus, it caters to the needs of consumers with limited living space, but willing to grow vegetables, plants and flowers themselves. Our mini-greenhouses can fit in a corner of a room, on a balcony, veranda or outside. To sum up, as they are easy to set-up greenhouse supplies and definitely efficient, these small growhouses have proven to be very effective with growing in pots. Lastly, Delite Garden mini greenhouses come in retail-ready kits.

Greenhouse accessories

DELITE not only delivers top quality greenhouse structures, but also greenhouse accessories such as greenhouse plastic cover, greenhouse spare parts. 

Custom Greenhouse Supplies

We are proud to be involved in several OEM (understand custom-designed) greenhouses projects. OEM is not white labelling. It is much more thrilling than just applying your brand to our products. These OEM greenhouses supplies are basically greenhouse kits made based on the Client’s specific market requirements. than that. At Delite Garden, we dedicate part of our resources to help make our Client’s ideas reality. From industrial design, considering wind/snow loads, practicality and ease of assembly, to packaging. All in all, we accommodate the needs of our Clients.

Each new greenhouse is first and foremost a prototype garden greenhouse made in China! It is hand-made, assembled and tested. Last but not least, it goes through a minute process that encompasses all aspects of the product.


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Wholesale Polytunnel Greenhouse Kits manufacturing.

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