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What makes a good Woven Mesh Wire Fence Manufacturer? To answer this question, we have go back to the history of fences. Fences have been used for centuries on end. The more primitive ones were made of wood or stones. Contemporary fences consist of all kinds of metals, feature a large of meshes and finishes. The evolution of fencing techniques have not evolved as drastically as let’s say smartphones, or computer chips. But that’s not what is required of a fence afterall.

Delite Garden has been involved in woven mesh wire fence manufacturing and wholesale for almost a decade now. We have honed our skills, perfected our control over manufacturing processes. Today, Delite Garden has become a professional woven mesh wire fence manufacturer. We offer a range of woven mesh wire fences that adequately meets our Clients requirements and more.

Woven Wire Mesh fence materials

At Delite Garden, we ensure the traceability of steel wire, or rods used in our welded wire mesh rolls and panels. Our products are made of mild steel (low carbon steel). Low carbon steel is commonly used in woven wire mesh fences. They contain low carbon (usually around 0.1%) thus having a high breaking limit, preferred for woven applications.

Our woven wire mesh mild steel can be :

GBW (Galvanized Before Welding)

Although there is no welding involved, the weaving process directly impacts on the wire’s protective layer. A GBW wire rod has good corrosion resistance. But this resistance will somehow decrease when the wire is laced.

GAW (Galvanized after welding)

GAW woven wire mesh fences are fences rolls that are galvanized just before packaging. This ensures a high corrosion resistance over the product lifetime. Preferred for wholesalers and retailers with outdoor storage.

Woven Wire Mesh manufacturing

Delite Garden welded wire mesh fences manufacturing include the following steps :

Rewind -> Weave -> Cutting -> Galvanization -> Coating -> Packaging

wire mesh fence weaving & welding
wire mesh fence galvanizing & coating
wire mesh fence packaging

The wire is fed through a rewinding machine feeding reels. Wire on the reels is then fed into the weaving machine. The weaving process is quite fast and allows for high output. An operator is usually in charge of overseeing the weaving process. One of the operator’s most cumbersome task is to troubleshoot bad weaving.

Weaving patterns Delite Garden masters are : hexagonal wire mesh (also known as chicken wire, poultry fence) and chain link wire mesh (also known as diamond mesh).

Once the wires are interlaced, the wire mesh is ready for cutting. Cutting can involve a separate machine or another step in the same line. On specific orders, cutting and packaging happen at the same time. Depending on requirements, woven wire mesh rolls can be cleaned and galvanized and/or coated. Metal coating is usually performed at a specific galvanization plant. Plastic coating can be performed at the woven wire mesh factory.

All our woven wire mesh rolls are packed based on market and client requirements. Since Delite Garden is a mature woven mesh wire fence manufacturer and exporter, we offer both wholesale packaging and retail-ready packaging. Our ability to customize packaging and make it unique is one of our strongest suit.

Woven Wire Mesh performance

Delite Garden utilizes materials and meshes that comply with EN, ASTM, or custom requirements for that matter. Structural parameters of each batch of welded wire mesh fences can be modified to meet the requirements of a specific market or country.

In some instances, markets may not have set specific technical requirements for our products. In this case, our engineers will suggest woven wire mesh manufacturing process that fits best your budget. Whether it’s for agricultural-used poultry fence, or home and domestic used garden chain link fence, Delite Garden team will help you find the best solution to the market.

Best Materials
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