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Delite Garden Supplies provides you with strong, well-designed and easy-to-install greenhouse kits. Our ability to transform ideas into products has benefited greenhouses importers for years. Since we are one of the most dependable greenhouse manufacturers throughout China, we dedicate to participate to a greener way of life, and strive to manufacture the best greenhouses, big and small.

Best Materials
Serious about Gardening
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Quality Greenhouses Manufacturing

We don’t spare any effort in making our structures the sturdiest possible while keeping our costs in check. We utilize specific greenhouse production lines for each line of product we market. Hand in hand with clients, we put our manufacturing resources to the test with new ideas, and greater volumes.

From raw material to packaging, our people keep a tight grip on compliance at every step of the greenhouse manufacturing process. Delite Garden is always aiming at being one of the most outstanding greenhouse manufacturers and suppliers.

greenhouse quality control
greenhouse welding
greenhouse tube pressing
greenhouse tube drilling

Flexible Manufacturing of Greenhouse Is the Future

At Delite Garden Supplies, we understand the need to be flexible in our manufacturing process. This is why we have made it possible for our clients to order 16mm to 70mm steel structures.

Wealth and diversity of greenhouse machinery is key to provide our client with alternative assembly methods. We can meet various markets requirements with the following:

greenhouse bolts and nuts


greenhouse tube plate

Welded connector

assembly greenhouse


greenhouse tube clamp

Molded connector

greenhouse spring


About Greenhouse Film

Outside of manufacturing itself, Delite Garden Supplies never tires to develop new sources of materials, such as greenhouse coverings, or poly-cover or polyhouse film.

Weather resistant clear polyethylene film

Clear polymer plastic film that performs for up to 5 years! Anti-yellowing, UV protection and anti-condensate agents allow better light transmission, while improving plant protection. Delite Garden Supplies choose blow

Reinforced poly film

Reinforced poly film sheeting features light weight and flexibility. The reinforced mesh design helps withstand tear, blocks insects outside and keeps off dust. Zippers for door and window can also be installed. Highly customizable!

walk-in greenhouse manufacturing

Walk-in Greenhouse Manufacturing

mini greenhouse manufacturing

Mini Greenhouse Manufacturing


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