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Manufacturing carports that are durable, good-looking and economical is our priority. Many years of industrial knowledge, trial and error, and challenges set by clients, have made us a reliable carport manufacturer. Today, Delite Garden Supplies develops & manufactures top quality steel carports & shelter kits.

From carefully selected raw materials to packaging, we utilize modern production techniques that ensure our carport range is easy to set up and can face rough environments!

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Metal Carport & Shelter frame manufacturing


Our steel profiles are made of naval-grade steel. Steel tubes are manufactured on automatic lines, set to meet our strict standards. Dipped in hot-galvanization bath, each lot of steel material sees its service life greatly increased and need of maintenance reduced.

In our effort to meet Best Manufacturing Practices, we inspect each lot of raw material for defects in galvanization, dimensional tolerance, and material performance.

Carport manufacturer’s workshop is equipped with several cutting, stamping, swaging and bending tools. Metalwork as well as welding are handled by skilled workers whose experience in metal structures is paramount to the   quality of our carports & shelters. We have around 20 sets of dies and tooling available to satisfy carport importers specific requirements.

greenhouse tube pressing

Carport & Shelter Cover manufacturing

From PVC pellets and polyester yarn, Delite Garden Supplies selects the best value for money materials and productions. Carport covers and shelter fabric are made to withstand harsh weather, unforgiving sunlight and heavy rains.  Made by a carport manufacturer, for brands and wholesalers.

For each production lot of covers and outdoor fabric, seamstresses work fast and well to manufacture robust portable carport tarps and shelter fabric. Zippers, eyelets, straps, etc… are secured to the canvas until its ends of service life.

carport manufacturing

Carport OEM manufacturing

At Delite Garden Supplies, we pride ourselves in being one of the leading carport manufacturers in China. We not only have great products and service. We also make and export OEM portable carports and portable shelters.

OEM Carport shapes



hoop round quonset


slant walls

Slant Walls

OEM Canopy steel tubes

round profile


oval profile


square profile


OEM Canopy span

We can accommodate the needs of so many markets by just tweaking the width (breadth), height and length of our portable carports. Here is an idea of the max. OEM canopy dimensions we can deliver : 20′ x 35′ x 10’6” (6 x 10.7 x 3.2M)

OEM portable shelter fabric

We can handle fabrics from 90g/sqm to 250g/sqm. Most shelter tarps exported to Europe and the U.S.A are 185~250g/sqm.


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