Top 10 Residential Greenhouse Suppliers


The global greenhouse (also including nursery and flowers) market was valued at 369.26USD billion in the past year of 2020. At a compound annual growth rate at 7.4%, the greenhouse & garden supplies market is expected to grow to 396.62USD in 2021.

The impact of COVID-19 may still last for a long time. According to the market reaction, garden products, garden tools, garden equipment and other kinds of garden supplies will continue to be popular on B2C platforms such as Amazon and eBay. Meanwhile, many greenhouse suppliers are also offering garden greenhouse of good quality and favorable price that suit customers’ need. Let’s see some top residential greenhouse suppliers today.

1. Greenhouse Megastore: Helps Individuals, Businesses and Institutions Realize the Benefits of Horticulture

Greenhouse Megastore is a leading online retailer and comprehensive supplier of greenhouses, plant pots, polycarbonate panels and many other greenhouse accessories. The company helps individuals, small businesses and institutions realize the benefits of horticulture.

2. Growers Supply: Comprehensive Store of Garden Supplies

Growers Supply has been offering commercial greenhouses, hydroponic systems, greenhouse tunnels and all links of greenhouse accessories since 1979. It aims at both retail and wholesale businesses.

3. Delite Garden Supplies: Wholesale Greenhouse Supplies with Top Quality and Good Price

Delite Garden Supplies is an outstanding garden steel structure manufacturer and supplier. From garden greenhouses to large commercial sheds, greenhouse cover, film and accessories, Delite Garden offers a wide range of high-quality garden products at a preferential price. Aiming at middle to high end customers, Delite Garden Supplies is the best choice for greenhouse and garden products business.

4. Greenhouses Canada: Certified Palram and Rion Canadian Supplier

Greenhouses Canada is a dedicated Canadian supplier of greenhouse kits. It sells online, and offers a wide choice of free-standing and lean-to greenhouses.

5. Backyard Greenhouses: Good Greenhouse Structure Designer

Backyard Greenhouses is one of the largest suppliers of greenhouse kits in North-America. Due to solid design and sturdy construction, Backyard Greenhouses has gained great reputation in the market.

6. South West Greenhouses

South West Greenhouses is a UK based company, specialized in wooden and aluminum greenhouses and accessories. Sizes varies from 4ft to 10ft+ wide.

7. Elite Greenhouse Ltd

Elite Greenhouse is a professional manufacturer of aluminum greenhouse buildings. It offers customers with a unique experience with greenhouses built upon strength, durability and good-looking design.

8. Garden Buildings Direct

Garden Buildings Direct specializes in greenhouse from mini to large. No matter it’s for wood or polycarbonate, customers will find a best solution here.

9. Greenhouse People

Greenhouse People is a leading supplier of aluminum greenhouse, wooden greenhouse, sheds and other kinds of garden buildings. Greenhouse spare parts is also available on their website.

10. Greenhouse Catalog

Greenhouse Catalog offers a wide range of greenhouse, covering and gardening supplies. Customers may also find helpful gardening suggestions and tips at their kind offering.

In the coming months, residential greenhouses will definitely be one of the hottest fields. Hope this article can help with your business a little bit.

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