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Polytunnel Greenhouse 6x5x2.7M


Trademark: Delite Garden / Client Brand (OEM)

Origin: China

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We are proud to present our Polytunnel Greenhouse 6x5x2.7M.

Affordable, durable and easy-to-build, the Polytunnel range answers to the needs of the more demanding hobbyist growers. With our polytunnel greenhouse, your customers benefit from a structure that helps them achieve season extension! Using passive technology, Delite Polytunnels not only keep crops safe from bad weather. They protect crops from chilly periods or even high temperatures.......

hobbyist greenhouse

Delite Garden Polytunnel Greenhouse 6x5x2.7M provides passive solar heating. The heat retained inside the polytunnel allows grower to maintain a certain temperatiure and humidity. In this case, our greenhouse kit allows people to grow crops and flowers even during off-season periods.

Delite Garden greenhouse kit also protects crops and flowers from intense heat, cold waves, high winds and pest.

Customization: OEM POLYTUNNELS
Dimensions (W x H) 2m to 5m x 1.8m to 3m
Length 2m to 30m
Door Simple door | Double doors, 1m to 2m width
Connector Screws, Nuts & Bolts
Tube Coating Hot-dip Galvanization | Electro-galvanization
Tube Thickness 0.5mm | 0.7mm | 0.8mm | 1.5mm | 1.8mm
Tube Diameter 19mm | 25mm | 32mm | 40mm | 50mm
Cover Material PE | EVA | PE+EVA | PP | Nylon | customized
Cover Thickness Customize according to your request
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Item DG-PT-QR50/27
Shape Quonset
Outer Dimensions
(L x W x H)
8m*5m*2.7m (26ft*16ft*9ft)
Span length 8m
Structural Material Galvanized Steel
Galvanization 2 layers, hot dip rich galvanization
Cover Material 3 layer polymer, high tensile, UV resistant poly greenhouse cover
Film precut (roof / gable-end / door), 200-micron
UV stabilized
Anti-drip, 4-year warranty

Metal Accessories: Hot dip galvanized bolts and nuts, fastening clips and tools

Plastic accessories: UV stabilized clips and caps (black)

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