Greenhouse Window

When choosing a greenhouse, many growers will select a greenhouse structure with windows. A greenhouse window can not only bring natural ventilation, let more sunlight go through when needed, but also add attraction and convenience to the greenhouse construction. Although it is a very basic element of the steel structure, windows can present in many forms. For example, it may be a swing steel frame work, a polycarbonate slab or a roll-up curtain on greenhouse film. It depends on greenhouse application, weather condition, user’s budget and preference.

Steel Struture

A steel frame window might be the most expensive one, but also the most durable of all. Since it consists of the same galvanized steel tubes as the main greenhouse structure, it can last for long time. Moreover, it is easy to close and open  a steel greenhouse because it’s a swing frame work, attaching to the structure.

Polycarbonate Window

On polycarbonate greenhouses, windows often shows as a panel or slab. Growers can open the window by pushing and pulling. A polycarbonate greenhouse window may be clear (transparent) or semitransparent.

Roll-up Window

A roll-up grow house window is the most cost-efficient solution to a greenhouse structure. In contrast with steel greenhouse window, the roll-up one utilizes cheaper and less materials. On both sides of the greenhouse films, there are ofter windows, thus ensuring a balanced natural ventilation. In the current market, growers have several choices to fix a window: Velcro, plastic buckle, zipper or string.

Advantage of Greenhouse Window

Delite Garden greenhouse series consist of durable steel structure and waterproof greenhouse cover. To maximize the function of a plant house, there are appropriately cut windows on both sides.

During hot seasons, the double-layer windows will provide enough ventilation to the plants inside. At the same time, gauze mesh keeps insects outside.

When it comes to cold seasons, the greenhouse is air-locked by windows. Free of freezing weather, plants can survive through off season.

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