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Geodesic Dome Greenhouse

made to GROW | ENJOY | PARTY

geodesic dome greenhouse

geodesic dome kit advantages

dome house greenhouse


  • Greenhouse
  • Sun house
  • Temporary structure for events…
sturdy greenhouse door

Real Door Frame

  • Allows for aluminum
  • Wood door
  • or Screens
geoesic dome

20m² + 3m Height

  • Perfect to grow
  • Spend a lazy afternoon
  • Have a great dinner party …
dome greenhouse plate

25mm Coated Tubes

Durable and Sturdy to withstand wind

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Geodesic Greenhouse Specifications

Width5M (16ft)
Height3M (10ft)
Tube Diameter25mm (0.98”)
Capacity5 to 15 Adults
4 to 6 Dining Tables of 1x1m
CoverPE Reinforced Mesh Fabric
PE+EVA Clear Poly Film
or Customize According to Applications

Geodesic dome kit dimensions are highly customizable according to your request.

What makes a geodesic greenhouse kit so great?

We all know that a durable structure is the base of successful product. Delite Garden geodesic dome greenhouse series are made of  rich galvanized steel. Plus, they are all fully and perfectly coated with PVC powder, and have a good performance of corrosion-resistance. The structure is heavy and sturdy enough to withstand different climates.

Delite Garden gathers years of manufaturing and engineering garden greenhouse production. We are proud to introduce you our 2020 new range of geodesic dome greenhouse. As one of the lateset garden greenhouses, our dome house kits is designed with up-to-date mind, coming up in modern and futuristic good looking.

  • For hobby growing, geodesic dome greenhouse kit is undoubtedly a perfect choice.  Equipped with our PE+EVA film, the dome kit is highly transparent, letting sunlight going through all day and all year. Plant in sowing season, and enjoy in harvest season!
  • For leisure use, a dome kit can be used as yoga or spa house, family gym, dining house, or even private theater. A household of 4 to 10 people allows families and friends to spare happy time together. Also, a geodesic dome greenhouse can serve as a small cafe or dining space. Brand new experience!
  • For commercial purpose, a geodesic dome kit can serve as a reception for hotels or renting tents for camping. Easy to install and uninstall, rent it for weekend activities!
garden dome greenhouse

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