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Top Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Manufacturers’

Ready to export greenhouse kit

geodesic dome greenhouse

geodesic dome kit advantages

dome house greenhouse


  • Greenhouse
  • Sun house
  • Temporary structure for events…
sturdy greenhouse door

Real Door Frame

  • Allows for aluminum
  • Wood door
  • or Screens
geoesic dome

20m² + 3m Height

  • Perfect to grow
  • Spend a lazy afternoon
  • Have a great dinner party …
dome greenhouse plate

25mm Coated Tubes

Durable and Sturdy to withstand wind

Why import DELITE Geodesic Dome Greenhouses?

Affordable Price

Well Designed

All Greenhouse Parts & Accessories

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Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Manufacturers' specifications

Width5M (16ft)
Height3M (10ft)
Tube Diameter25mm (0.98”)
Capacity5 to 15 Adults
4 to 6 Dining Tables of 1x1m
CoverPE Reinforced Mesh Fabric
PE+EVA Clear Poly Film
or Customize According to Applications

We welcome requests of customization for geodesic greenhouse dome kits.

What makes us one of the top manufacturers of geodesic greenhouse dome?

Top Materials, Durable Performance

In order to provide end users with the best performance, our geodesic greenhouse dome manufacturing utilizes handpicked galvanized steel, and custom tooling.

Galvanization + Powder coating provide DOUBLE PROTECTION for the tubular frame. Manufacturing of geodesic dome greenhouse is completed using top engineering and modern manufacturing techniques.

Modern Design, Unique Experience

The geodesic dome is the result of weeks of development. The structure, made of MORE THAN 100 TUBE SECTIONS, needed to be perfect. Today, we are proud to present a mature product, that will bring joy to many houses, hotels and events.

Once manufactured geodesic greenhouse dome are assembled and tested before shipment. At Delite, we make sure to put safety and workmanship on top. The same principle applies to our customer-centric service.

Various Applications – Unlimited Possibilities

  • For hobby growing : high ceiling, natural look, uniquely shaped greenhouse that offers plenty of room to grow small, large and lush plants alike. This geodesic dome greenhouse is manufacturers’ pride.
  • For Rental : sturdy, made of short tube sections and easy to assemble, our geodesic domes are perfect for bringing orinality and uniqueness in events such as weddings, nature-oriented gatherings ….
  • For Resorts : uniquely shaped, they provide enough space for a lazy afternoon protected from the weather. They can be equipped with see-through plastic and thick fabric or tarpaulin as a cover.
garden dome greenhouse

Questions about geodesic dome greenhouse manufacturers?

We always answer!

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