Wire Mesh Fencing

In modern life, security fencing is one of the most basic requirements of a building system. Among all kinds of fencing, wire mesh fencing features light weight and transparency but also good performance, thus becoming popular in recent decades.

Rigid fence panels, chain link fences, hexagonal chicken wires… Delite Garden offers a variety of wire mesh fencing that can be installed in all kinds of places.

With 10 years+ experience of manufacturing and exporting garden products, we are now one of the most mature and outstanding wire mesh fence suppliers in China. We develop and handle the production of wire mesh fencing.

All Delite Garden wire mesh fencing products are made with high quality steel wire. They span specifications, applications and environments. We supply wire mesh fencing for industrial areas, public places, private gardens and all other applications if needed.

Delite Garden welded wire mesh fences mainly include rigid fence panel, welded mesh roll and euro fence. These carbon steel wires are strong enough to bear the high temperature of welding & coating, finally form into sturdy and durable fencing system for application.

Delite Garden woven wire mesh fences mainly include chain link fence (or diamond mesh fence) and chicken wire netting (or hexagonal mesh fence). The steel wire blends both flexibility and strength, easy to be woven into expected shape, but strong enough to form fencing barrier.

The welding process is done by experienced worker at the factory, under strict workflow and quality control.

The weaving process is finished through highly automatic production lines, ensuring that all the meshes are equally formed.

Wire Mesh Fence Suppliers

With years of experience in dealing with wire mesh fencing, Delite Garden has become one of the most mature and outstanding wire mesh fence suppliers throughout China, and we are always thriving for better. Our experts have high control of steel wire extension, mesh size, fence dimension, finish and assembly accessories. Materials and specifications are supervised and able to comply with EN, ASTM or customized requirements.

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