What Is a Greenhouse?

In today’s fast-paced world, garden greenhouse is a product that becomes more and more popular. In a decade, small greenhouses on the residential market have multiplied. Also, the larger ones have also seen their sales increase. They enable people, farmers and communities to be less dependent on large producers, complex supply chains and political instability. Because greenhouses have a lot of benefits, such as extending growing seasons, they are accessible even to amateur gardeners. Also, greenhouses are known to make us feel closer to the nature by helping us grow healthier foods.

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In this article, we will first introduce what is a greenhouse, what is it made of and what its benefits are. We will then delve into the types of greenhouses. Then only we will list the reasons why selling greenhouses can not only bring profits, but contribute to a better life. A section about commercial structures is included just before our conclusion. 

What Is a Greenhouse?

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The greenhouse definition that follows is based on our own experience, and research on the subject of “what is a greenhouse”.

A greenhouse is a building structure with roof and walls. Usually, it is covered in plastic or glass and is located outside for growing plants.

Simple as that, a greenhouse is just a freestanding structure which we cover with various materials depending on the use, terrain, weather, etc…

This is an interesting question. Since the invention of greenhouses, human technology has evolved. As a result, we can find greenhouses made of various materials. From organic material such as silicate panels (used in glass greenhouses) to polymeric (aka polyethylene film).

Other greenhouse covering materials are:

 – Polycarbonate greenhouse panels

 – PVC mesh cover for smaller kits

The materials used in greenhouse structures vary. Greenhouses can be made of:

– Wood (wooden greenhouses)

– Plastic hoops (DIY greenhouses, the cheapest, but also the most fragile)

         – Steel hoops (the ones DELITE GARDEN specializes in)

         – Aluminum profiles (Aluminum greenhouses, more expensive in general)

But what you need to remember is that most greenhouses are made of transparent materials like greenhouse poly cover, so the growing plants can be exposed to the sunlight.

How Do Greenhouses Work?

Greenhouses are man-made structures that utilize natural energy, at its natural state to improve farming conditions. We already know that greenhouses are freestanding structures covered by a transparent or translucent glazing. Now let’s see how do greenhouses work!

The greenhouses use what is called appropriately the “greenhouse effect”. That is, by trapping light from the sun and heat, greenhouses create a microclimate for growing plants. Greenhouses also protects tenders, perennials, seedlings from pests, winds, acid rain etc…

Also, a greenhouse is usually equipped with means of ventilation. Whether it be a door, or a side roll-up, it helps regulate the air flow as well as the temperature and humidity inside the greenhouse.

For larger, production-oriented structures such as polytunnels, high tunnels, etc…, greenhouses can be equipped with fans, heaters, vents, lighting, irrigation, humidity controls and generators.

Benefits of Greenhouses

Greenhouses offer numerous benefits to businesses, communities, and individuals. They provide a controlled environment for growing plants and vegetables, allowing greenhouse owners to cultivate almost year-round produce even with unfair climate. But there are many other benefits of greenhouses:

  • They extend growing seasons. Have you ever heard of the term “winter greenhouse”? Well, it is because greenhouse in winter keep the air inside warmer than on the outside. It provides a comfortable growing environment for plants.
  • Outdoor greenhouses also protect plants from bad weather, pest and even rodents. That is a plus for farmers and garden hobbyists who have enough on their plate.
  • Greenhouses covering or greenhouse tarp can effectively prevent the transmission of UV radiation (namely UV-B), which is good for plants and produce.
  • Greenhouses such as hoop greenhouses (also called tunnels) are easy to set up, stand the test of time and allow for higher yields.

Types of Greenhouses

There are many greenhouses and greenhouse supplies in the market. According to their categories, greenhouses can be classified as:

 – Commercial tunnel

 – Residential greenhouse

Residential greenhouse sellers also like to rank the greenhouses by size as follows:

 – Polytunnel greenhouses

 – Walk in greenhouses

 – Lean-to greenhouses

 – Mini greenhouses such as potting sheds

Besides, greenhouses can be listed according to materials they use, such as:

 – Plastic film tunnels

 – Polycarbonate greenhouses

 – Aluminum green house

 – Glasshouse

 – Wooden greenhouse

Why Develop Greenhouses Business?

According to several sources, the greenhouse retail market was valued between 25 and 35 million USD dollars in the U.S alone and expected to grow at CAGR 8~10% in the next 5 years. This information alone should give enough incentive for existing garden supplies wholesalers, garden centers to develop their own range of greenhouse kits. Divided into 2 segments, residential and commercial use, the latter, commercial tunnels, shows the best promise.

As per our own experience and data at DELITE, we have seen an unprecedented uptake of greenhouse wholesale orders for the last 2 years. Feedback from our current clients in both Europe and U.S.A highlights the fact that residential greenhouses are trendy and sell well as long as pricing and online marketing are done well. As for commercial greenhouse kits, the market is still promising due to higher profits, but the competition is more intense due to the market’s maturity.

In a nutshell, garden greenhouses and backyard greenhouses (residential greenhouses) are seen as a trendy product. Popular with families with a garden and willing to take control over their food and distance themselves from mass agriculture, high carbon footprint and potential supply shortages. Communities and small-sized farms are also a segment that current greenhouse wholesale and retail brands are tapping into, which may lead to increased competition.

What Are Commercial Greenhouses?

We have used the term “Commercial greenhouse” several times in this article. But some of you, who haven’t already been in contact with the greenhouse industry, may not know what is it, or how it works. Thus, we have decided to shed some light on this specific range of green houses.

What is a Commercial Green house?

It is a greenhouse used for public or commercial use. It is a category of large greenhouses (usually larger than a residential kit) because it is supposed to grow larger crops, and yield profits. Small to large-sized farms use commercial house kits to grow their produce.

How they work?

The answer is simple: the same way a standard greenhouse works. The greenhouse glazing, whether it is glass, plastic film or pc sheets creates a natural barrier against pests, bad weather. Commercial green houses are usually large high tunnel greenhouse to more with options such as side ventilation, garage door gable wall etc… to regulate the environment inside the greenhouse.


In short, a greenhouse is a freestanding building used for growing plants, vegetables, produce in a controlled environment. Their main feature is that they extend growing seasons.

There are many types of greenhouse structure and coverings. Greenhouses also vary in size and shape. Each greenhouse is made to fit the needs of a specific kind of grower, whether it is professional farmers, communities, garden hobbyists and garden beginners.

The greenhouse market data presented here shows good vital signs. Garden centers, garden supplies brands and greenhouse supplies wholesalers may look into the greenhouse venture to add value to their existing product range, and make profits.

For more information on greenhouse manufacturing and exports contact us.

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