Polytunnel Greenhouse 7x4x2.3M

backyard greenhouse kit

We are proud to present our 7x4x2.3m polytunnel greenhouse kit. Affordable, durable and easy-to-build, the Polytunnel range answers to the needs of the more demanding hobbyist growers. With our polytunnel greenhouse, your customers benefit from a structure that helps them achieve season extension! Using passive technology, Delite Polytunnels not only keep crops safe from bad […]

Mini Hoop House 200cm

mini hoop house

Our Mini hoop house 200cm kits are the smallest and cheapest articles to date. They aim to protect flowers and vegetables from birght sunlight, cold waves and pest. They are the easiest kits to implement, but also the less effective when dealing with large areas. Still, Mini hoop house 200cm kits are the most affordable […]