3D fence panel

Rigid Fence Panel (3 bends 2.2m high)


Delite Garden’s range of steel fencing products are manufactured on controlled production lines, and meet the specifications that your business deserve. Discover our steel fencing manufacturing lines now!

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Wire Fence Panels Introduction

Rigid fence panel, also known as fencing panel, is ideal for a wide range of applications. No matter for residential, commercial or public usage, the wire mesh panels perform well.

Why Choose Fencing Panels

  • High Quality Wire Fence

In regard to material, Delite Garden adopts high quality steel wires. During and after production, quality control is always essential. We ensure that our items comply with certain standards, such as EN, ASTM or customized requests.

  • Maintenance Free Rigid Fence Panel

Wire fence panel consists of high-quality welded wire meshes. In production, all steel wires and accessories go through hot-dipped galvanizing, electronic-galvanizing or PVC coating. As a result, the fence panels are corrosion-resistant and last for long time.

  • Easy to Install Fences

Without great effort on installation, customers usually spend short time putting up a rigid fence panel. All accessories and parts come from of same quality durable material and surface-treated. Due to its flexibility, a rigid fence panel can be properly installed on flat lawn, ground or even slopes.

  • Wholesale and Retail-Ready

Delite Garden’s welded wire fence panels includes tens of products for importers and wholesalers. Our success with our clients mainly comes from the value for money and the quality of service we provide. Moreover, fencing panels are fully packaged before loading.

OEM Welded Rigid Panels

Mesh 100x50(55) mm | 200x50(55) mm
Ø Wire (ext.) 4 to 6 mm
Height 1m | 1.2m | 1.5m | 1.7m | 1.9m | 2.2m | 2.4m
Length 2m | 2.3m | 2.5m
Bends 2 | 3
Barbs 3cm long – topside
Finish Galvanized | PVC coated
Panels and posts are stacked on pallets. Lashed and protected during transport.

Ø Wire (ext.) : 5mm


Mesh : 200x55mm


Height : 2200mm


Length: 2500mm

Peach Post

Round Post

Anchor Plate

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