pvc coated wire

PVC Coated Steel Wire

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Delite Garden’s PVC Coated Steel Wire range includes tens of products for importers and wholesalers. Our success with our clients mainly comes from the value for money and the quality of service we provide.

Manufacturing affordable & dependable PVC Coated Steel Wire

We have worked hard over the years to implement a strict, yet, cost efficient Quality Process on steel fencing manufacturing lines. Tirelessly, we identified the origins of defects, tested and implemented solutions as to ensure that our Clients get the level of quality their business deserve.

Steel fence manufacturing process & quality checks
    • Materials
    • Welding
    • Surface Preparation
    • Galvanization   
    • Bending
    • Coating
    • Packaging
pvc coated wire packaging

Manufactured with carefully selected materials, all our raw material suppliers are approved suppliers. The quality of galvanization is ensured by trusted and professional partners whom we have vetted and worked with for years. Our steel fencing are welded, weaved, pressed on specific lines with specific tooling, for a clean, robust, and good-looking product.

Helping our clients win : OEM steel fences

One of our strength is our ability to meet specific demands, may it be in terms of product specifications (wire diameter, wire mesh, overall dimensions), packaging or even quantities. Our business model allows us to accommodate the large array of specific needs of importers and wholesalers without compromising with quality.

Galvanization: Electrogalvanizing / Hot-dip galvanizing

Coating: P.V.C (choose from our color range) | Customized

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