Greenhouse Tube Manufacturing: Galvanizing

Galvanizing technology is very common in greenhouse tube manufacturing. It forms a zinc-iron alloy layer on the surface of steel tubes in zinc bath, thus creating a barrier between steel and atmosphere, preventing corrosion.

Delite Garden polytunnel greenhouse series adopt high-quality stainless galvanized steel as the basic but most important component of a greenhouse. From the thickest main tube to small screws, each item will go through galvanizing process before finally shaping up.

  • Galvanizing: secret to excellent greenhouse last for long time

When a gardener looks for a greenhouse, stable performance throughout lifetime is a must in consideration. To ensure the healthy growth of plants, a good greenhouse should consist of dependable materials. According to research data, galvanized steel can last round 35 to 50 years.

Delite Garden greenhouses provide a warranty of 10 years on steel profiles we sale. We are confident about the quality, and also responsible to our clients.

  • Galvanizing: practical, also aesthetic

Galvanized steel can easily be identified by the crystallization patterning on the surface (often called a “spangle”). The pattern not only represents good quality of galvanization, but also aesthetic value.

galvanized tube

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