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Delite Garden Supplies has been striving to be the most trusted and leading Chain Link Manufacturer in the market since the company was founded. For a long period of time til now, chain link fences are very popular among residential, commercial and industrial uses. Durable, effective and relatively inexpensive.

This kind of woven wire mesh fence is also called “cyclone fence”, coming in diamond shape opening which provides a relative visibility. It’s also affordable and low-maintainence. Delite Garden team are happy to engage in woven wire fence manufacturing and wholesale. We always aim at supplying high quality chain link fence kits with good bulk price to clients around the world.

Chain Link Manufacturing Technology

At Delite Garden, we ensure that all the steel wires and rods used in our wire fence products traceable, whether it’s for chain link fence rolls, gates or other fence kits. Delite Garden chain link fences consist of low carbon steel, or called mild steel, which is commonly used in wire mesh fences. Usually, there is around 0.1% carbon in mild steel. As a result, this material has a good breaking limit, ideal for woven usage.

Our mild steel can be :

GAW (Galvanized After Weaving)

Steel wires are woven into diamond shapes before galvanizing process. After forming into a flat chain link mesh roll, it will be placed in molten zinc bath. Each wire and spot is thoroughly galvanized, so that the resistance to rust and corrosion is quite strong. GAW fencing will last longer years. For businesses who aim at outdoor and commercial project, GAW is a perfect choice.

GBW (Galvanized Before Weaving)

GBW, also called pre-galv, is more economical than GAW. Galvanization is done before wires are formed in machines. It also provides a good corrosion resistance, but not as long as GAW. Generally, GBW is more ideal for indoor and residential applications.

Woven Wire Mesh Chain Link Manufacturing Process

Delite Garden chain fences manufacturing include the following steps :

Rewind -> Weave -> Cutting -> Galvanization -> Coating -> Packaging

The weaving process is done inside a automatic rewinding machine. Wires are fed into reels, and the weaving begins. Since the machine is quite Wire on the reels is then fed into the weaving machine. The weaving process is quite fast accurate, thus bringing a high production capacity. A professional operator will be responsible for monitoring the whole weaving process. The operator also has the duty to troubleshoot unqualified items.

The woven wire fences are ready for cutting after being interlaced. The cutting process can be done on the same production line or on another machine. In some case, cutting and packaging may also be finished simultaneously. According to clients’ request, cleaning, galvanizing and coating will be applied to the woven wire fence rolls. Regarding metal coating, it’s usually applied in a galvanization plant; while plastic coating can be done at the woven fence factory.

All Delite Garden Supplies woven wire mesh roll are manufactured and packed according specific market and clients demand. We are a mature woven wire mesh fence supplier and exportor, thus able to offering both wholesale and retail-ready packaging. We are always proud of the ability to customize packging for our clients.

Chain Link Wire Fence performance

In terms of materials and meshes, the Delite Garden fence series can meet EN, ASTM, or custom specifications. Wire diameters, coating thickness, mesh size, weight, and width… all of these structural specifications may be changed to suit the needs of a particular market or region.

Markets may not have set strict technological standards for our goods in some cases. In this case, our engineers will recommend the most cost-effective woven wire mesh manufacturing method. If you need a poultry fence for agricultural use, or a garden chain link fence for home and domestic use, Delite Garden team can assist you in finding the right alternative on the market.

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