Composite Decking
Manufacturer & Wholesaler : The History

The concept of mixing wood fibers with thermoplastic mostly gained in popularity in the 1990s. At this time, there was no composite decking manufacturer per se. The wood plastic composite technology was developed by automotive and building products manufacturers. Over the last 20 years, each wpc decking manufacturer put considerable efforts on developing durable composite decking manufacturing techniques. The improvements on WPC extrusion technology together with better production systems and research led to higher performance composite decking wholesale.
Delite Garden follows in the steps of these daring innovators, working hard to develop lasting and beautiful wholesale decking. Our composite decking sold wholesale is manufactured on automatic extrusion lines
Trusting Delite Garden is trusting years of product development, automated production lines and the flexibility of OEM manufacturing. Teams involved in composite decking manufacturing and wholesale are seasoned professionals. They all belong to the Wood Plastic Composite industry and/or construction industry.

WPC raw materials

Delite wood plastic composite products are made of wood flour and plastic pellets carefully mixed with bonding and anti-ageing agents. Each component is minutely prepared as to manufacture a sturdy, durable and well-finished wood plastic systems.

WPC manufacturing

Delite wood composite decks, clads, and fences are all extruded, using automatic production lines.

The composite material is molded into the desired shape using standard or bespoke wood plastic composite extrusion molds, then cooled.
All products are manufactured and finished in a controlled environment within a set of specific tolerances. Each wood composite item is inspected and sorted as to ensure that our clients get structurally safe and beautifully finished products.

WPC performance

Delite plastic wood building materials can be manufactured to meet with European’s CPR, ASTM standards, or any other South American Standard for that matter. Structural parameters of each production lot can be modified to meet the requirements of a specific market or country.
In some instances, markets may not have set specific technical requirements for our products. In this case, our engineers will suggest plastic wood system based on your project’s specifics.
Control Over Manufacturing
Knowledgeable Team
Less Hassles/ No Mishaps
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