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The history of mankind is tightly linked to the history of fences. Old fences were mostly made of wood or stones. Modern fences however are made of steel or aluminum. Nowadays, we see fences everywhere. From our own garden, to No Man’s lands, including farms. Today’s fences are closer to the 14th century ones than what a smartphone is to Mr Bell’s invention. After all a fence is still a barrier that delimits, encloses and protects.

Today’s fences come in many forms, or meshes. Delite Garden engages in welded wire mesh manufacturing and wholesale. From coil to packaging, our Team ensures that our products meet the requirements of international welded wire mesh buyers.

Welded Wire Mesh fence materials

At Delite Garden, we ensure the traceability of steel wire, or rods used in our welded wire mesh rolls and panels. Our products utilize 2 types of steel :

Mild Steel (also called Low carbon steel) : batches of mild steel usually contain around 0.1% carbon. Welded Wire Mesh fence manufacturing involving low carbon steel usually results in a better suitability to weld.

High tensile steel : batched of high tensile steel contains more carbon, thus increasing steel coil’s performance. For example, High Tensile Steel would be used to manufacture barbed wire with a smaller gauge.

Welded Wire Mesh manufacturing

Delite Garden welded wire mesh fences manufacturing include the following steps :
Straightening -> Cutting -> Shaping -> Welding -> Galvanization -> Coating -> Packaging
The wire is fed through a straightener, then cut into equal sections. Sections fed through a mould to obtain the desired mesh and shape. Steel wires are spot-welded together so as to obtain a finished steel fabric. Depending on requirements, welded wire panels or rolls can be cleaned and galvanized and/or coating. Zinc coating is usually performed at a specific galvanization plant. Plastic coating can be performed at the welded wire mesh factory.
All our welded wire mesh rigid panels and rolls are packed based on market and client requirements. We offer both wholesale packaging and retail-ready packaging. Our ability to customize packaging and make it unique is one of our strong suit.

Welded Wire Mesh performance

Delite Garden utilizes materials and meshes that comply with EN, ASTM, or custom requirements for that matter. Structural parameters of each batch of welded wire mesh fences can be modified to meet the requirements of a specific market or country.
In some instances, markets may not have set specific technical requirements for our products. In this case, our engineers will suggest welded wire mesh manufacturing process that fits best your budget.
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