Differences between Greenhouse series

For hundreds of thousand years, human beings have been farming for food. When science and technology were undeveloped, almost everyone would walk into the fields and master growing crops by themselves.

However, with the development of modern society, more and more people tend to get farther away from nature. Less people are willing to step into a muddy field, bury seeds and harvest– because we don’t have to grow for food by ourselves anymore.

Delite Garden team strongly believes that reconnecting with nature is a necessity. On one hand, mass production and consumption are wasteful. On the other hand, young men and women ought to know at least the basics of how nature works.

In recent years, greenhouse has been a popular product in European and North American markets. It’s becoming a trend for people to balance their life between hectic work schedules and the serenity of growing plants back in their gardens. After all, reaping the fruits of ones efforts while being able to make one’s life healthy and more beautiful and fun is a rare chance.

At Delite Garden, we have 4 series of greenhouse products: polytunnel greenhouse, walk-in greenhouse, mini greenhouse and growing racks. The variety of greenhouse ranges meets with different requests of application: semi-professional, private, indoor use and so on.

Polytunnel Greenhouses: Manufactured to Last

Delite Garden polytunnel greenhouses

For semi-professional growing and demanding projects, polytunnel greenhouses are the best choice. The greenhouse frame is made of galvanized steel, resistant to rust and decay. It can be used in the garden for a long time without concern. Our film are all made of strong materials. They perform consistently over several seasons. Our Polytunnel Greenhouses are perfect to a safe, stable and thriving environment for plants and flowers to grow.

  • Medium to Large sized vegetable or flower farming
  • For serious growers and intensive use
  • Outdoor use only
  • Hot-dip zinc rich galvanization frame (custom shape)
  • High-performance films (multi-layers, customized)
  • Sold in fully-packaged, ready-to-retail kits

Walk-in Greenhouses: Growing in Style

walk-in greenhouse

Our Walk-in-greenhouses combine both aesthetics and performance features. Easy to set-up, it comes in different shapes and can be scalable. Its frames are made of durable powder coated tubes. Walk-in greenhouses are provided with strong and versatile films for outdoor and indoor use. Aimed at hobby growers, walk-in-greenhouses performs best for plants and flowers.

  • Small to Medium sized vegetable, plant or flower farming
  • Cheap, entry-level products
  • Outdoor and Indoor use
  • Long-life coated steel tubes
  • Robust but PE + Nylon mesh films
  • Sold in fully-packaged, ready-to-retail kits

Mini Greenhouse: Hobbyist Love It

mini greenhouse

The cheapest type of greenhouse an importer can find. Each mini greenhouse has a specific use, and fits in the smallest gardens, or flats. Super easy to set-up, our mini greenhouse kits perform better indoors. Even within a restricted space, anybody can grow flowers or vegetables in pots. Mini greenhouses frames are made of UV stabilized polymer or durable coated steel tubes. Film is usually transparent and equipped with zips and hooks to install them.

  • Small sized vegetable or flower growing
  • For beginner and amateur growers mostly
  • Indoor use only
  • UV stabilized or steel coated frame
  • Ready to use film (cut & sewn to shape) with zips and hooks
  • Sold in fully-packaged, ready-to-retail kits

Growing Racks: Indoor and Portable Greenhouse

growing racks

Growing racks add beauty and energy to one’s indoor decoration for its portable profile and reasonable design. A growing rack usually takes up only a little space, but it has a capacity of several plant pots on different shelves. The house-like structure keeps a optimum temperature for small plants to stay in. It is also very convenient for the owner to take out and check every pot when necessary.

  • Small size, affordable & good-looking
  • For hobby gardening
  • Indoor use application
  • Portable & easy to install
Discover Delite Garden full Greenhouse Range here
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