Differences between Greenhouse series

For hundreds of thousand years, human beings have been farming for food. When science and technology were undeveloped in the past, almost everyone would walk into the fields and mastered to grow different green plants by themselves.

However, with the development of modern society, more and more people tend to get farther away from the nature. Less people are willing to step into a muddy field, bury seeds and take good care of them – because we don’t have to grow for food by ourselves anymore.

Under this situation, Delite Garden regards the reconnect with nature as a necessity. On one hand, we ought to always be grateful for the food resources; on the other hand, getting closer to the nature is a good way to rebuild the relationship between human beings and the Earth.

In recent years, greenhouse has been a popular product in European and North American markets. It’s becoming a trend that people feel like growing some green plants back in their gardens for healthy crops, aesthetic flowers or just for fun.

At Delite Garden, we have 4 series of greenhouse products: polytunnel greenhouse, walk-in greenhouse, mini greenhouse and growing racks. The variety of greenhouse ranges meets with different requests of application: semi-professional, private, indoor decoration and so on.

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Delite Garden polytunnel greenhouses
See our Polytunnel Greenhouses Series

For semi-professional growing and demanding projects, polytunnel greenhouses are the best choice. The tubes are made of galvanized steel, resistant to rust and decay, so it can be used in the garden for a long time without concerning. The secure structure can prevent insects or animals from intruding inside, which provides a stable environment for plants to grow.

  • the biggest, the most robust & higher price

  • for semi-professional growing and demanding projects

  • outdoor use application

  • tubes made of galvanized steel

  • more options for films (PE mesh fabric | PE+EVA | customized)

  • the best performance in enhancing the quality of crops and flowers


walk-in greenhouse
See our Walk-in Greenhouse Series

Features aesthetics and function combining together, walk-in greenhouses are no wonder a good option for private garden usage. With the structure of powder coated tubes, walk-in greenhouses can last for a long time. Plants can be put in pots to grow and the owner can arrange them to get the best visual effect.

  • modest size & price

  • for small gardens, plants growing in pots

  • indoor use application

  • tubes made of powder coated steel

  • PE + Nylon mesh film

  • good performance in protecting crops & flowers from wind and cold


mini greenhouse
See our Mini Greenhouse Series

For its affordable price and convenience, mini greenhouses help small scale growing a lot. With the shield of mini greenhouse, it takes little time and energy to take care of the plants. Besides, mini greenhouses take up small spaces, adding to its convenience.

  • small size & very affordable

  • for hobby growing

  • indoor use application

  • super easy to set up & maintain


growing racks
See our Growing Racks

Growing racks add beauty and energy to one’s indoor decoration for its portable profile and reasonable design. Plants are put on the shelves and can be changed or examined at any time.

  • small size, affordable & good-looking

  • for hobby gardening

  • indoor use application

  • portable & easy to install

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