Tips for Setting Up A Backyard Greenhouses Business

increasing greenhouse

Believe me when I say that garden products imports to North America and Europe have tripled during the last few months. In November 2020, exports from China totaled to 268 billions USD dollars, a 17.87 increase compared to 2019. COVID is still disrupting our habits and the world’s operations, but it has also unexpectedly boosted […]

Greenhouse Galvanized Pipe

greenhouse galvanized tubes

Portable greenhouses, backyard greenhouses and polytunnel greenhouses are all made of a steel frame. Because steel rusts, it must be protected, or the service life of the greenhouse will be very short. Protecting steel to help prevent or stop rust is called “coating”. Currently, there are 2 main steel coating methods: powder coating and galvanizing. […]

Greenhouse Window

steel greenhouse window

When choosing a greenhouse, many growers will select a greenhouse structure with windows. A greenhouse window can not only bring natural ventilation, let more sunlight go through when needed, but also add attraction and convenience to the greenhouse construction. Although it is a very basic element of the steel structure, windows can present in many […]

Differences between Greenhouse series

polytunnel greenhouse

For hundreds of thousand years, human beings have been farming for food. When science and technology were undeveloped, almost everyone would walk into the fields and master growing crops by themselves. However, with the development of modern society, more and more people tend to get farther away from nature. Less people are willing to step […]