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Wholesale Polytunnel Greenhouse Kits manufacturing.

walk in greenhouse

Walk-in Greenhouse 230x220cm

# DL-G-WI-230/220-gab

Discover our range of wholesale walk-in greenhouse kits now! They are made with strong coated steel, use heavy duty film and are easy to setup. Our range of walk-ins, or portable greenhouses are available in various sizes and shapes. They are designed and made to be safe, easy to install and affordable wholesale walk-in greenhouse kits.

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Our range of 7'x7' walk-in garden greenhouse kits are all made of the same high-quality galvanized and coated framework, heavy duty films and durable accessories. We offer ready-to-import walk-in greenhouse kits at affordable prices as well as tailor-manufactured kits. Delite Garden supplies great products and service! What is a Walk-in Garden Greenhouse Walk-in Greenhouse is a freestanding structure with a rool and wall. It shelters plants, vegetables and flower from the weather. Also called Flower House or Portable Greenhouse, it is made of a coated steel tubes frame and polymeric film. They usually feature a single door with shelving inside the frame. Why use a Flower House Walk-in Greenhouse protects against excess of cold and heat, and prevents unwanted pests to damage or destroy crops of vegetables and fruits, flower bulbs and plants. The steel frame is strong and durable, while the greenhouse film shelters from the weather while transmitting the light. The second main reason to import Portable Greenhouse from China is that it's affordable. It will require less of initial investment, and the return on investment will be greater. Can you grow all year round in a 7'x7' Walk-in Greenhouse? Tomatoes usually grow in spring and summer. But it is possible to grow them all year round even in a medium-sized greenhouse. In a nutshell, Delite Garden Walk-in Greenhouse shelter against heat or cold waves and unwanted pests. Each greenhouse is engineered to ensure durable and comfortable use. Our range offers specific greenhouse solutions to specific needs and markets.


(L x W x H)

230 x 220cm (7’x7′)


Tube Material: Steel (Powder coated for surface)


Tube Diameter: 16mm


Tube Thickness: 0.4mm


Shelf: 2mm steel wire mesh; 10pc


Cover: Green PE mesh fabric 140g/㎡

6 root screws


6 wind ropes

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Wholesale Polytunnel Greenhouse Kits manufacturing.

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