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Wholesale Polytunnel Greenhouse Kits manufacturing.


Walk-in Greenhouse 143x143cm

Discover our range of wholesale walk-in greenhouse kits now! They are made with strong coated steel, use heavy duty film and are easy to setup. Our range of walk-ins, or portable greenhouses are available in various sizes and shapes. They are designed and made to be safe, easy to install and affordable wholesale walk-in greenhouse kits.

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Our range of 5' walk-in greenhouse (143x143cm) kits are all made of the same high-quality galvanized and coated framework, heavy duty films and durable accessories. We offer ready-to-import 5' walk-in greenhouse kits at affordable prices as well as tailor-manufactured kits. Delite Garden supplies great products and service!   Our Walk-in Greenhouse, or Flower House  are some of the best greenhouses on the market. If you are looking for quality greenhouse, affordable planthouse, and easy-to-maintain potting shed, Delite Garden is the right choice. We stand by the greenhouses we manufacture!

 - AFFORDABLE Portable Greenhouse prices!

Each element that constitutes the greenhouse framework is reviewed and assessed to reach the perfect balance between cost & quality. The result, a beautiful product, beautifully packed, at an affordable price.

 - QUALITY  Flower House, included spare parts!

To meet even the most demanding customer's requirements, we include heavy duty greenhouses structures. We genuinely understand that we need to step into your consumer's shoes to come up with the most durable planthouse.

 - EASY Walk-in Greenhouse imports.

With Delite Supplies, we guarantee a no-bullshit, transparent, efficient relationship. Our people have decades of experience in the import-export processes in China. From RFQ to Shipment, we master the exporting process, share all needed information and papers in time.

 - SPECIALISTS of the greenhouse technologies!

Whether you need support in terms of materials, added-value technology, our team is available, a phone call away We will provide the tools to boost your communication with end-consumers, and increase your greenhouse market share.


Dimensions (W x H) 73cm to 183cm x 190cm to 213cm
Length 49cm to 244cm
Door Roll-up zippered door
Connectors PP plastic connector | steel screw | root screw | wind rope
Tube Coating Power coated
Tube Thickness 0.3mm | 0.4mm | 0.5mm
Tube Diameter 16mm | 19mm | 24mm
Cover Material PE mesh fabric | Nylon mesh | Transparent PVC | customized
Cover Thickness Customize according to your request
Buying greenhouses factory direct offers the possibility to CUSTOMIZE YOUR GREENHOUSE range. From tube section to screws and nuts, film and packaging style, Delite Garden team is willing and ready to tackle your challenges. We all know what it takes to make a greenhouse GREAT! But few of us are able to genuinely dedicate the necessary resource to :  - DEVELOP YOUR OWN RANGE OF Walk-in Greenhouse  - STAY COST and TIME EFFICIENT  - ENSURE PROFITABILITY of the new poly tunnels or hoop houses.


(L x W x H)

143cm x 143cm x 195cm


Tube Material: Steel (Powder coated for surface)


Tube Diameter: 16mm


Tube Thickness: 0.4mm


Shelf: 2mm steel wire mesh; 4pc


Cover: PE mesh fabric 140g/㎡

4 root screws


4 wind ropes

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Share your requisites with our Techniciansa

Wholesale Polytunnel Greenhouse Kits manufacturing.

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